©Leen Van Tichelen

knaapje - a series of 13
2014 - 33,5 x 42,5 cm framed
knaapje 1 - collection Liedts-Meesen
knaapje 12
knaapje 9 - collection Peter Waterschoot

Conversation rooms - Zebrastraat - Ghent - 2015

Conversation between Lore and Leen/ paper edition of 30

(ENG) Press here to see the preview of VERSUS THE END. THE CONVERSATION CAN BEGIN by Peter Waterschoot - An introduction on Artwall 2015


Eighty year old Gherasim Luca hurled himself into the river Seine in 1994. His preceding life was all about poetry. He wrote ‘stutter-poetry’ ; poems which investigate the ultimate borders of communication and turn inward within the process of creation, doubting themselves. Pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa Passionnement.
If anyone, then he, to show us the vulnerability of expression.
CONVERSATION ROOMS, is an exhibition and a temporary collaboration between ARTWALL (art-photography) and BEELDRUIM (plastic arts) which specifically wants to reflect on conversation on a number of levels. First of all on ‘conversation within the exhibition’, the interaction, but as well on ‘the conversation between artists’ while making and justifying their choices for the exhibition, and last but not least; on art criticism.
A lot of communication on art is nowadays reduced to marketing stories sent to the media and making their unaltered way back to the public, thus narrowing public debate on art. Conversation Rooms thus wants to point out a growing absence of art criticism and challenges anyone to write on this topic on the occasion of this exhibition.
Through conversation on art many doors are opened, it establishes, in interaction and reflection, a relationship with the public. It helps the artist understand his or her artistic process. Some artists are very talented at this, their gift of the gab might even give you a slight alarming feel. Others fail to express themselves, in a charming stutter … Our mother tongue is art, in this we shouldn’t fail. We cannot. But, as far as for communication on arts, we are entitled to search our modus operandi in expression. Learning while doing, while stepping out into the wide open space of public debate, it deserves respect. So Beckett’s words “All of old. Nothing else ever. Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better” might encourage the latter and the first to question themselves thoroughly.
Conversation Rooms finds its fundaments in this ‘proud stuttering’ idea, which is also translated in the choice of the exhibition space. CONVERSATION ROOMS will take place in an adventurous underground setting, the theatron- shaped cellars of the Zebrastraat-building in Gent. The cellars are compartmented which gives the end curator (Sabine Oosterlynck) the opportunity to guide the visitors quite precisely through various communicating rooms. Which is very challenging regarding the different disciplines. Art-photography and drawing both share common ‘plastic’ ambitions. We investigate in what sense they are related, and whether ( in a groupshow context), they rather seem to contradict or reinforce each other (or both ).

Peter Waterschoot 04.15.